1.What does Maroon Analytics do?

Maroon Analytics works with investment banks, hedge funds and corporate treasuries across Southeast Asia to implement innovative financial analytics that have a tangible P&L impact.
We enable our clients to more effectively price, trade and risk-manage their derivatives and structured products.  So, for example, we might help a commodity house to build yield curves for illiquid currencies one day and then work with a global bank to implement a CVA solution the next.

2.Why is it important for Maroon Analytics employees to do the CQF?

Our focus is on the application of financial engineering techniques and delivering pragmatic solutions to our clients. Our team needs to be able to speak to quants confidently on a technical level and understand the models that are being used. The CQF provides the tools and the knowledge to do this.  
More generally, the CQF is helping the quant industry to mature as a profession in Singapore and Maroon Analytics is very excited to be working with the CQF to make this happen.

3.What are the benefits of taking the CQF?

I see three core benefits in the CQF. The most obvious is the comprehensive knowledge that the candidates acquire during the course which, when endorsed by the credentials of the CQF, enables them to interact with our clients more productively.
Secondly, and equally as important, is the ability to keep their skills current. Quant finance is an extremely fast paced and increasingly sophisticated profession and the CQF’s on-going learning program enables my team to stay up-to-date with the latest market developments. The library of Alumni Lectures is a fantastic resource and is being continually added to with lectures from leading practioners.
Lastly, but perhaps most important of all, are the networking opportunities. We see Maroon Analytics as a conduit for leading financial centres, bringing the latest ideas and thinking from the quant world into Asia. The vibrant and growing CQF network in Singapore provides us with exposure to the latest ideas and industry developments and is also a great platform for both business development and professional connections.

4.What do you think the CQF offers that other courses do not?

The CQF program is well suited to the busy working professional and its flexibility puts it ahead of other courses available in Singapore. As all lectures are recorded and available via the CQF portal employees can study while working. The CQF faculty is made up of leading practioners and academics focusing their teaching on the practical implementation of quantitative methods. By teaching the mathematics behind the financial models and highlighting their assumptions and dangers, the CQF can be immediately applied to daily work.