1. What does Armilla Partners do?

Armilla is a leading risk management for alternative asset management. Our firm focuses on bridging the gap between quantitative analytics and analysis with qualitative understanding of investments. The firm looks to identify risk intelligence rather than just traditional views of risk management. Our advisory business aids alternative funds and their business to operate institutional best practices from a risk perspective. 

The clients Armilla serves range from Sovereign Wealth Funds, Pension plans, Endowments, Family offices to Alternative Managers themselves. 

2. How has the CQF benefited Armilla Partners?

The CQF program is tailored to many of the tasks that Armilla needs to deliver for its clients. Many of the projects the firm focuses on are quantitative in nature and require a deep knowledge of financial engineering skills that have come from undertaking the CQF. 

In addition our firm’s credibility is enhanced with our clients knowing that the CQF is regarded very highly in the investment management world. 

3. What do you think the CQF offers that other courses do not?

The faculty are just great. A mix of academic and commercial experiences is invaluable to students. Too many courses today still focus on the theory rather than outlining how these approaches can be applied in the real world. 

Flexibility - Being part time aids us as a business by allowing staff to continue professional education whilst remaining with the firm.

The CQF allows a company based anywhere in the World to get outstanding quantitative training for staff. The online approach has been very beneficial given the location of our team.

4. Why would you recommend others to do the CQF?

The CQF is great for professionals looking to learn quantitative skills required for technical roles within asset and risk management functions. The teaching approach, course structure and presentation are excellent. Access to faculty staff to answer questions and guide students works very well. 

Over the next few years we will continue to see the CQF become the pre-eminent financial engineering qualification from professionals. The recent partnership with the Fitch Group will only enhance the prestige of the program.